Working the Dark Side

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow launched Culture Project’s “Blueprint for Accountability” series on May 31 with a gripping evening on accountability and the U.S. policy of torture in the War on Terror.



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  1. William W Haywood says:

    The military system does not know what to do, unless you call burying all the information, and covering up all of the investigatory pathways, to keep those who are actually responsible for these horrible actions from being brought to justice, real justice! This should go all of the way to the top, where the buck is supposed to stop…and heads should really roll up there!. Not only is our military incapable of making sure it does not break every law possible: it must be regulated with an iron hand…and the same has been shown to be true for those we elect to office to represent us. The blame has to be shouldered by those at the top because they are allowing this to happen. Because soldiers have to obey the orders of their higher ups, the higher ups should always share the major thrust of the blame.
    Speaking out in the military will only get you into ‘Bradley Manning status’!
    Democracy has to be maintained by the citizens.


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