The Case Against the Pope

Presented by Culture Project, Center for Constitutional Rights, and Survival Network of those Abused by Priests

Sunday, December 11, 2011 at Culture Project

This conversation was prefaced by a performance of Gerard Mannix Flynn’s James X, directed by Gabriel Byrne. In the last decade, the Catholic Church and State institutions in Ireland and throughout the world have been the center of an emerging secret history. That history involves the sexual abuse and torment of tens of thousands of vulnerable children. James X is the human story of one of those children who is trying to emerge from a place of darkness into the light—a light in which the human spirit is allowed to triumph into its full magnificence.

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Moderator: Vince Warren – Executive Director, Center for Constitutional Rights

Gabriel Byrne – Director for James X

Gabriel Byrne

Gerard Mannix Flynn – Actor and Playwright for James X

Gerard Mannix Flynn

Pamela Spees – Senior Staff Attorney in the International Human Rights Program, Center for Constitutional Rights

Pamela Spees

Mary Vallier-Kaplan – Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Endowment for Health

Mary Vallier-Kaplan

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