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Support the legislative reform in Albany — Lawmakers in Albany are currently considering bi-partisan to end these unlawful arrests, S.5187 (Grisanti) /A.7620 (Jeffries). Take two minutes to call your legislator; and ask them support this bill to stop these biased, costly and illegal marijuana arrests.

To connect with your legislators in Albany, call 518.455.3216.

Help pass New York Council Legislation to implement reforms:
 o Resolution 0986: End the Biased, Costly and Unlawful Marijuana Possession Arrests
 o Intro 799: Protecting New Yorkers against unlawful searches
 o Intro 800: Protecting New Yorkers against profiling by the NYPD
 o Intro 801: Requiring officers to identify and explain themselves to the public

Call 311 to find your New York City Council Member—ask them to co-sponsor these bills.

For more information, or to schedule a Know Your Rights Training, please contact Kassandra Frederique at 212.613.8053, or Visit the Drug Policy Alliance website for more information:

Get Involved with Streetwise & Safe (SAS), a multi-strategy initiative working to build and share leadership, skills, knowledge and community among LGBTQ youth of color who experience criminalization, particularly in the context of “broken windows” policing. SAS conducts “know your rights” workshops and engages in local, state and national policy advocacy around issues of policing and criminalization of LGBTQ youth of color. SAS serves on the steering committee for Communities United for Police Reform, a city-wide campaign to challenge the NYPD’s use of “stop and frisk” and other discriminatory, unlawful and abusive policing practices. SAS is also part of a state campaign to stop police and prosecutors from using condoms as evidence of intent to engage in prostitution-related offenses, and partners with organizations across the country to challenge laws and policies which contribute to increased criminalization of LGBTQ youth of color. Learn more at

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