Gaza, Goldstone, and the Crisis of Impunity

Presented by Culture Project and Mondoweiss

May 19, 2011 at Florence Gould Hall
New York City

moderated by Laura Flanders
with special guest Trudie Styler
with Naomi Klein, 
Col. Desmond Travers, 
Noura Erakat, 
and Lizzy Ratner

When the Goldstone Report was released in September 2009, it quickly became the report heard round the world. The United Nations Human Rights Council investigation of the 2008-09 Gaza conflict shook the international community with its unflinching look at the outrages unleashed on a captive population, and it deeply rattled Israel with its call for accountability for war crimes committed by both Israel and Hamas. Last month the lead author of the report, Justice Richard Goldstone, once again made headlines when he wrote an essay in The Washington Post “reconsidering” one of the key findings of the report: the targeting of civilians by Israel. The piece has been seized on by Israel’s supporters to try to discredit the report once and for all.

On May 19th, 2011 a distinguished panel of experts gathered, including a co-author of the report, to discuss the fallout of Goldstone’s Op-Ed and the ongoing need for accountability for the crimes of Operation Cast Lead. More than 18 months after it was released, the Goldstone Report remains as critical as ever.

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Full transcript from the event [Download]

Moderator: Laura Flanders – Journalist and Activist

Laura Flanders

Naomi Klein – Canadian writer, film producer, and anti-war activist

Naomi Klein

Lizzy Ratner – Jounralist

Lizzy Ratner

Col. Desmond Travers – retired Colonel of the Irish Army and former Military Commandant of the Irish Army’s Military College

Col. Desmond Travers

Noura Erakat – Professor of International Human Rights Law in the Middle East at Georgetown University

Noura Erakat

Trudie Styler – Actor/Producer; Founder, The Rainforest Foundation

Trudie Styler

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